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Almond Cream

Almond Cream

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Almond Cream is perfect blend of Almond Oil & Vitamin E which soothes uncomfortable , itchy , dry skin. Almond Oil, Vitamin E along with glycerin provides deep nourishment and hydration. Regular use of this cream improves the skin texture and appearance. It prevents dryness and dullness, leaving the skin healthy & glowing.

• Enriched with Almond Oil & Vitamin E
• Protects skin from dryness
• Boosts radiance, Anti-ageing properties
• Provides deep nourishment and improves skin elasticity
• Moisturises skin making it smooth, firm & glowing
• Light weight texture , Suits all skin type

Key Ingredients

Almond Oil
Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin E and various other minerals that help soothe the skin from irritation, dryness, protect skin from UV damage and restore the skin’s moisture barrier. It can even out your skin tone and improve the complexion over time.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, helping protect skin cells from UV damage & softens skin

Glycerin’s absorbing properties can improve hydration within the outer layer of the skin. It plumps the look of the skin for youthful appearance.

How to use

* Take generous amount of cream
* Use use fingers to rub the cream into your skin.
* Use gentle upward strokes when applying on face and neck
* For best results use daily

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